Hay & Wood Products


Foxbard Farm offers hay, cordwood, custom sawing and softwood shavings.

Hay cut from our own fertilized fields, is available on a limited basis by season.  We sell small square bales (average 40 lbs), dry round bales and baleage, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd cuts.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Cordwood is harvested during the winter months in accordance with our Forest Management plans.  We cut about 75 cords of hardwood a year to supply our existing customers, and are then able to sell to our waiting list.  Cordwood is delivered beginning in the spring, for a fee determined by your location, and we finish up deliveries into the fall. We aim to cut our wood 16” long to fit a standard 18” -20” stove, but sometimes they are longer.  Please tell us if you have strict measurement requirements.

unnamed (2)Custom Sawing is available on timbers from our forests or as supplied. We do not offer kiln dried lumber. Contact us with your questions and timing for a quote.

  • Hemlock Framing Timbers
  • Knotty Pine Siding
  • Soft and hardwood logs

Softwood Shavings are produced in our mill for animal bedding, and are available for sale by the truckload, as available.

For more information on any of our products or practices, email us at: farmjam@msn.com