Our Beef Program


At Foxbard Farm, our objective is to produce high-quality, all natural, grass-fed Black Angus beef.  During the warmer months, our animals graze on our own managed pastures.  In the winter, they continue their grass-fed diet of hay and grass silage cut from our own fields.  The ability for our herd to express their natural behaviors and simulate natural grazing patterns is of high priority to us, both for their physical and mental well being, and for the health and environmental stewardship of the land. 

New calves typically join our herd in the spring, all purchased from reputable Black Angus breeders.  We time their arrival so that once they are settled in and comfortable at the farm, the pastures are ready for them with the flush of late spring grass growth. They spend nearly 8 months of the year grazing as they wish on natural forage like timothy, red clover, orchard, and canary grasses. 

In late fall, the steers transition to their winter feeding program, consisting of high protein second and first cutting hay, and a small ration of wheat grain to support their fast-growing, adolescent bodies.  During the colder months they receive comfortable shelter as we wait for spring to come again.

The following May the steers return to the lush summer pastures for a second time, where they remain happily on fresh forage until maturity in the fall.  Come autumn, they weigh 1000 to 1200 lbs and are ready for marketing to our wonderful local beef customers.

Our new calves receive a standard set of health vaccinations to protect them from various bovine viruses.  At no time do the calves, steers, or any of our animals receive growth hormones or antibiotics.

We offer beef cut to order directly for customers, as well as select cuts at several local restaurants and stores.

For more information on any of our products or practices, email us at: farmjam@msn.com